Sustainability Features

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The project has 10 ChargePoint electric vehicle charging stations available for use on the P4 level of the garage. Parking while charging is at no additional cost for the first 4 hours.

Stormwater/ Condensate Recycling System

Rainwater and condensation is collected in a tank, treated with a UV filter and re-used for irrigation water.

Energy Efficiency

Most buildings use energy during the day when cost is at a peak. The Wilshire Grand’s Thermal Energy Storage system shifts energy consumption to off-peak hours, creating cold storage overnight while energy rates are low to use during the day which results in a significant whole building energy reduction. Overall savings of energy means lower utility bills for tenants.

100% Leed Lighting

100% LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) lighting throughout the building.

Healthy Indoor Air

Filtration with a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) of 13 will be installed on all air handling units ensuring the highest quality air. Clean air has been shown to promote occupants’ productivity and well-being, increasing profitability for the company.

Public Transportation

The building is located in the heart of downtown with access to an abundance of both Metro bus and Metro rail lines. Additionally, the “My Figueroa” streetscape project brings the cities first protected bikeway to the doorsteps of the Wilshire Grand project making it the center of a growing robust bicycle network.

Bicycle Storage and Changing Rooms

The project is currently providing 119 bicycle storage spaces for over 5% of building occupants. 84 of these spaces are located inside of the building in a safe and secure environment for employees. Additionally, showers are provided adjacent to the indoor storage for use by employees.

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